Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hi there once again,

Guess what? Now that I'm 7 months old, I finally got my complete freedom ! No more sleeping in my cage at night, I get to roam the whole house whenever I feel like it. I suppose that since I've got over chewing new interesting things around the house, mum is not worried anymore. Yep, now I only chew on my favorite rawhide bone and I also have my favorite soft toys to play around with.

Hey, where's that treat you promised me??

ain't I cute in the pink hair clip ?

hey, I'm getting tired, where's my treat ???

For the past two weeks, dad's sister and her hubby came to our house for a 12 day holiday, they're from Singapore, and as usual I was very excited as I thought I've got new friends to play with. But alas, both of them are pretty afraid of dogs. Can u imagine ? Afraid of a cute puppy like me....?? They don't know what they're missing, but I guess not everybody loves dogs....

Anyway, heard dad might send my photo to "The Star" newspaper for a cutest dog contest. Hope I do get to win it as I heard that there's a doggie goodies pack (sponsored by FRONTLINE/HEARTGARD products) for the 3 winners every fortnightly. So do look out for the Star newspapers every Saturday under the "Paw Print" section and hope that I'll be featured...

some of the past week winners...
(weekender, Sat 26 July 2008, "PAW PRINT")

Here are some interesting giant dog photos that I wanna share with you. Hmm, I still think small is cute... don't u agree with me ??

Till then...woof woof.

A thought for today :)