Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's been about 4 days since I last updated my blog 'coz I've been busy, with mum trying to teach me new tricks, visiting the vet and also having a friend over to visit me.

Taking about my friend, it was such a happy day for me on Sunday(27 April). Dad's cousin and her daughter brought over their 3 month old Golden Retriever to visit. The moment FiFi (that's her name, I was told) came into the house, we clicked instantly and in no time we were busy sniffing each other out and started to play together. Being a Golden Retriever, even though we're about the same age, she was easily double my size, so I was always knocked about. But it was fun though, chasing one another, getting into a wrestling match, getting snacks from mum, etc.

After about an hour over, it was time for FiFi to go home and I tried to persuade mum to let FiFi stay on, but to no avail. It was sad to see her leave, and I'm looking forward to seeing her again.

Anyway, I was taken to a vet in Farlim, Penang on Tue afternoon. There were some rashes in my right ear and mum wasted no time in bringing me there. The drive there was fun, as I could put my head out the car's window, and enjoy new scents all along the way. In the reception area, there were some friends around, but I didn't get their names though. There was another cute Shih Tsu about 2 years old, and an ugly looking guy (mum told me it was a Pug, hmmmm)

When my turn came, the vet examined my ear and before I knew it, he started pulling out the hair around my ears with a tweezer, I think. And I was screaming at him to stop !! Doesn't he know that it hurts like hell ?? No more vet visits for me again, I hope....... But I'm glad the medicine he gave made the itchiness go away, so no more scratching my ear.

By the way, I've learned a few more tricks and hopefully, you'll get to see my videos soon on You Tube, ie., if dad isn't too busy to upload for me..... till my next entry, woof woof to you

A thought for today :)

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