Monday, April 21, 2008

hi again,

where was I? oh ya, to continue with my story....

my new owners brought me to my new home that day itself and I was so busy sniffing out the new environment. You know-lah, new furniture, floor mats, rooms, it was fun with so many things to explore. Didn't get much sleep though, everyone in the new family trying to get my attention. Don't they know I need my beauty sleep too ??

My first nite was terrible. Couldn't sleep well, and in between, I was shouting my heart out. I guess I must have woken up the whole household as my new family tried to comfort me. They don't understand that I still miss my mum and dad, and my six other siblings.

The next morning was much better. I found new interesting places and gladly mark my favourite spots around the house. My new mum kept yelling "paper paper" whenever I found a new spot to "wee wee" , isn't it rude when she kept interrupting my business ???? Hmmm, if only I can talk, I'll also shout "paper paper" when they go do their business !!

It took me about a week before I understood that they wanted me to "wee wee" on the newspaper. Can't they just tell me so, like "woof, wooof, bark, bark, woooffff, " and I'll gladly do it. It's so easy when they can start to speak my language. Humans can be so hard to understand sometimes.......

Anyway, dad got me a new house that day, and it was ok, but kinda small. Overheard him telling mum that Shih Tsu are a small breed and don't need a big house. If I can afford it, I'll get my own penthouse one day.... just wait n see !!!

gotta go now. My brother, Ivan, wants to use the computer to play Maple story now. Hmmm, I'd rather be chewing on my favorite bone........... (tbc)

A thought for today :)

humans are a dog's best friend..........