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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yep, I know it's almost a month since I've posted stories to my blog so my apologies to all of you. I fell sick last week and had diarrhea for about 2 to 3 days. Mum didn't think it was too serious and she went on to the internet to do some research on my symptoms. Most did advise that for mild cases, pets can also take the same medication as a child. So mum bought some from a pharmacy nearby and in about a day and a half, I was back to my normal self.

me and dad's socks

Anyway, yesterday(Tuesday) was bath day and I'm beginning to enjoy it. At first, mum was using cold water and I hate it. I was practically shivering every time I take my bath, but now with a hot shower, its kinda nice. Its so ticklish when the spray of hot water touches my skin. See some of my photos below.

me, all wet .......

a nice hot blowdry with the hair dryer

Sandra celebrated her birthday on Sunday (13th July) at MacDonald's with her classmates but I was left at home. I wanted to join in the fun but dad says that pets are not allowed, but on the bright side, she gave me one of her presents she received, a nice cute teddy bear... okay, not actually give me but "share share" , that's what she said.

Sandra and friends @ McDonalds

Before I sign off, here's some photos I wanna share with you. Hope you enjoy them... till next time, woof woof.......

dog flowers, ain't it lovely ??

A thought for today :)