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Sunday, May 11, 2008

new day, new food

Today I got my first real bone !!! You'll never know how good it feels when you bite down on a real tasty pork rib, even though it was just a small piece. The moment mum gave me that piece, I took it to my favorite place on the rug and for the next 15minutes, it was heaven. Before today, it was dog food, dog food and dog food and I'm beginning to get tired of it. Oops, dad is staring at me now... ok, ok, that new liver dog snack was pretty good too !!! If u readers do take pity on me, I'd welcome any new good tasting snacks....... Hey, snacks are the best part of life for me !!! Yum yum !!!

Sandra has just finished her exams and yippie, I've got back my playmate. I just enjoy play times with her and Ivan too. Ivan is a bit rough but then again, so can I. Dad says that if I've got the guts, he'll train me to be a guard dog !! So u better watch out !!

You all have to wait a little while longer to see my new videos on You Tube, my dad is having some problems with the video editing software, I think. So be patient, okay ? By the way , I heard from dad that my earlier videos on You Tube has been watched by people from 19 countries already, not bad, eh? So do keep the emails coming, I'll try to reply them all.

with love and kisses,

A thought for today :)

Since light travels faster than sound, people appear bright until you hear them speak.
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