Tuesday, May 6, 2008

time goes by....

Five days has past, see how time flies. By the way, I'm back to my normal self. No more itchiness and the rashes in my right ear has healed. Heard from mum that it was not rashes as I thought earlier, but ear-mites actually. My,my, where did I ever get that from ?? I've been indoors mostly, and the only time outdoors was a few rides in my dad's car. Anyway, the "TROY Ear canker drops" from the vet sure did the trick.

These past few days has been a bit lonely for me. Mum is busy with Sandra as she's having her Year 2 exams this week. After dinner, it's only studies and more studies for Sandra. I'm glad I don't have to go through exams though. Anyway, heard its only for a week, so I guess I'll have more time with her and Ivan soon.

Thanks to those who have emailed me after seeing my videos on You Tube. Your comment and praises sure motivates me to learn more. I'm sure if you show love and patience to your pets, they'll be happy and willing to learn new tricks too...... c u soon !

A thought for today :)

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